Hanshi William J. Rawls


Martial Arts Titles & Ranks

 Started practicing Martial Arts in October 1961


Began training in October 1961 until 1965 (Athens Judo Club at Athens High School) under Sgt. Franklin T. Booth, Ex-Green with the Army Airborne Division and US Army Recruiter for North Alabama at the age of 15. Promoted through Nikyu by Sgt. Booth.  The Judo training was with the Martial Art of Judo (Jujitsu) and also, Karate under Charkas School of Judo.

  • Began assisting with instruction in Judo in December 1961 as a Green Belt. Became Assistant Instructor of Athens Judo Club as a Sankyu in September ’62.
  • In the Summer of 1967 became Instructor of Athens Judo Club at Nikyu.
  • In May 1970 began training under Leo D. Wilson and promoted to Ikkyu and then to Shodan 6 months later. (USJF)
  • Scored the highest score in the Nage-no-Kata (Forms in Throwing) in Judo in the Southeast with Lawrence A. Beard as Uke.
  • Co-Founder and President of Midori Yama Judokai in 1970, also Co-Founder of Midori Yama Budokai (MYB) in 1971 with Professor Leo D. Wilson.
  • Began studying Shin Shin Jujitsu in 1970 with Leo D. Wilson.
  • All MBJ joined the United States Judo Association in December 1971. He was promoted to Nidan by Leo D. Wilson in Judo in 1971 in USJA.
  • Attended the USJA National Training Camp in July 1973.
  • Active Referee and Official in Judo Competitions in the Southeast Region in Judo during 1970’s.
  • Life Member of United States Judo Association.
  • Successfully coached several Southern Eastern Judo Championship winners several years in a row during the 1970s. (Qualified for the US Judo Nationals & Competed)
  • Member of Atmoryu Jujitsu – with rank of 4th Dan in May 1994.
  • Served on the Board of Director of MYJ/MYB form September 1969-2002.
  • Promoted to Hachidan (8th Dan) in Judo in July 25, 1998 and Kyoshi Dai (High Professor level) in Judo. Also achieved 7th Dan in Shin Shin Jujitsu by Leo D. Wilson.
  • Promoted to 4th Dan in Shin Nagare Karate in 2001 by the PCMA Board.
  • Co-founder of PCMA and Technical Director in September, 2002.
  • Promoted to Hachidan in Shin Shin Jujitsu by the PCMA Board on Sept. 24, 2002.
  • Promoted to the title of Hanshi by the PCMA, International Board on December 30, 2002
  • Life Member of Martial Arts USA, with the title of Hanshi, Hachidan in Judo/Yudo and Jujitsu on December 30, 2002.
  • Appointed to the Board of Yudo/Judo Advisors in Martial Arts USA on December 30, 2002.
  • Member of the Korean SimMuDo Association as Hanshi, Hachidan in Judo/Yudo & Jujitsu with ranks registered internationally in Korea.
  • On Nubreed Martial Arts Consultant’s and Advisory Board


·      Founder of American Budo Society as Hanshi


Hanshi Rawls holds the following ranks in various Martial Arts:

8th Dan in Midori Yama Yudo/Judo (Kodokan) with the title of Hanshi

8th Dan in Choroksan Yudo (Green Mountain Korean Martial Art) with the title of Hanshi

8th Dan in Shin Shin Jujitsu with the title of Hanshi

4th Dan in Shin Nagare Karate

4th Dan in Atmoryu Jujitsu

10th Dan in Midori Yama Goshin Jujutsu with the title of Hanshi and Kaiso (Founder)


The following is my lineage:

                                                Jao Tung

                                                Yeuh Fei

                                                Li Chun

                                                Tao Chi

                                                Fa Cheng

                                                Liu Shi Jun

                                                Liu Cheng Yu

                                                Chen Zi Zheng

                                                Lau Fat Mang

                                                Fan Gin-Han

                                                Leo D Wilson